Summer Festivals!!!

PAIGE IN FULL is delighted to be apart of two major festivals this summer. Join us in Baltimore, North Carolina and Baton Rouge!

Alternate Roots Festival

June 25th 2011:

8:20 pm on the Spoken Word Stage

Alternate ROOTS is an organization based in the Southern USA whose mission is to support the creation and presentation of original art in all its forms, which is rooted in a particular community of place, tradition or spirit. As a coalition of cultural workers we strive to be allies in the elimination of all forms of oppression. ROOTS is committed to social and economic justice and the protection of the natural world and addresses these concerns through its programs and services.


National Black Theatre Festival

4 performances main-stage!

Tuesday, August 2 at 8:00pm

Wednesday, August 3 at 3:00 pm & 8:00pm

Thursday, August 4 at 8:00pm

Larry Leon Hamlin founded the National Black Theatre Festival® (NBTF) in 1989. His goal was to unite black theatre companies in America and ensure the survival of the genre into the next millennium. With the support of Dr. Maya Angelou (who served as the Festival’s first Chairperson) the National Black Theatre Festival® was born. The ’89 Festival offered 30 performances by 17 of America’s best professional black theatre companies. It attracted national and international media coverage. According to The New York Times, “The 1989 National Black Theatre Festival® was one of the most historic and culturally significant events in the history of black theatre and American theatre in general.” Over 10,000 people attended. It lived up to its theme: “An International Celebration and Reunion of Spirit.”


Baton Rouge Hops!

August 12 and 13th at 7:30pm

Baton Rouge Hops, an arts festival celebrating “all things Hip Hop,” will be held at the Manship Theatre on Friday, Aug. 12 through Sunday, Aug. 14.
Between the opening night reception presenting Art, Beats and Lyrics at 6 p.m. on the 12th to the final poetry session on the evening of the 14th, festival participants will experience all aspects of hip hop culture.


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